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Excessive Sweating is a condition that may have several treatment options including antiperspirants, powders, Iontophoresis treatment, sympathectomy, Botox injections or axillary suction curettage. The surgery options (i.e. axillary suction curettage or sympathectomy) are only recommended for serious conditions of hyperhydrosis. The axillary suction curettage is a procedure that removes the sweat glands and is an effective procedure to reduce excessive armpit sweating. The axillary suction curettage surgery is less invasive than the sympathectomy procedure and is also less costly. However, the cost of the axillary suction curettage may be steep. In some cases, the cost may be partly covered by insurance, however, there are also some financing options for the axillary suction curettage.

Cost of Axillary Suction Curettage

An axillary suction curettage may cost between $4,000 and $ 7,000. The costs may vary depending on different factors such as the location of the clinic (some areas may have higher prices for such surgeries; there’s also the option of medical tourism), the facilities and the tools used, or the skills and experience of the surgeon. Please note that private clinics may also have higher costs.

Ideally, you should check several clinics and get a few quotes to find the average prices in your area. Do an online research and see if you can find more advantageous prices in your area. Bear in mind that the cheapest clinic may not always be the best option. Make sure to consider other factors as well when choosing a clinic and the surgeon.

Insurance Coverage

The axillary suction curettage may be covered by insurance, but only if the surgery is necessary. Ideally, the axillary suction curettage is a treatment option that is recommended only if the other less invasive treatments don’t work.

If the excessive sweating interferes with your job and the way you perform it, the axillary suction curettage surgery may be partly covered by insurance. If the axillary suction curettage is an elective procedure, you will probably have to cover the full price.

Consult your insurance provider to find out details regarding the coverage of the axillary suction curettage surgery.

Financing Options

The axillary suction curettage surgery is a pricey procedure, so you should see if you have any financing options.

Talk to the surgeon at the clinic and ask if they offer any payment plans. Most clinics will allow you to pay the surgery in installments or will at least give you some financing options.

Medical loaners can help you cover the costs of the axillary suction curettage or you may visit your bank to see if they can offer you a more advantageous loan. There are special loan programs for medical purposes that you can benefit from. You can have the option of paying off the debt in 6 months or several years, in smaller monthly installments.

After finding out the costs and arranging the financing details, you should look for a suitable surgeon to perform the axillary suction curettage surgery.

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