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Those affected by sensitive skin may have different symptoms than others also affected. Some are prone to sunburn, while others may experience outbreaks of hives and still others notice redness and itching. With the help of a skincare professional, many patients have identified what triggers their skin reactions and have received the appropriate treatment to relieve symptoms.

When to Seek Treatment

When discomfort from sensitive skin becomes severe or persistent, patients should seek treatment. If food allergies are present, patients should consult their physician. Most patients who experience minor irritation as a result of certain skincare products may not seek treatment. Instead, they may use other products or cease the use of skincare products altogether. Also, fair skinned individuals who are prone to sunburn usually do not seek treatment from a skincare professional. Instead, they may use sunscreen or wear proper clothing when they are outdoors for an extended period of time. However, these symptoms and others may become severe or problematic enough to lead patients to seek treatment. When symptoms begin to affect one's personal or professional life, or when symptoms become a common nuisance, patients should seek treatment.

Skincare Professionals Who Treat Sensitive Skin

Various skincare professionals may offer treatment for symptoms of sensitive skin. Dermatologists are the most common source for treatment, although family doctors, nurses, estheticians, and specialists at a medical spa may provide treatment for certain symptoms as well.

What to Look for in a Skincare Professional

Choosing a skincare professional is an important part of receiving treatment. First and foremost, they should be fully qualified to perform whichever treatment is being used. For instance, if seeking treatment for acne, patients should inquire about the skincare professional's experience and success in treating the condition. The clinic should be well-equipped with safe and effective equipment, conveniently located and should employ trained, competent individuals. Patients should also be sure that the clinic is clean and up to all of the appropriate health standards.

Other Factors to Consider

For those who are looking to finance their treatment, inquiring about financing options beforehand is always helpful. Patients should also discuss expectations and should consider the price of treatment at the particular clinic. Medical Licensing Boards in each state are a good resource for determining the qualifications and certifications of the physician. Checking into a skincare professional's experience and qualifications should not be considered obsessive, but rather an important step in safe, effective treatment.

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