Tips for Choosing a Melasma Specialist

Patients with freckles often seek treatment to get rid of freckles, or to fade them and make them less noticeable. Freckles are not considered harmful or a medical concern, but some consider freckles to be cosmetically unappealing.

Who Treats Freckles?

Treatment for freckles can be found at many clinics, doctor's offices, medical spas and other medical or cosmetic facilities. A doctor, cosmetician, esthetician, medical spa technician, nurse, medical assistant or dermatologist may provide treatment for freckles. However, the type of specialist you choose will depend on the treatment you wish to pursue.

For patients who opt for laser treatments and chemical peels, a trained, qualified medical professional should perform the procedure. Contact the Medical Licensing Board in your state to determine if a particular skincare professional is certified and qualified to perform these procedures before receiving treatment.

A cosmetician may provide assistance when exploring makeup options to cover up freckles, while estheticians may also be helpful in applying certain treatments. Before receiving any treatment, make sure that the specialist is trained and qualified to perform or apply the treatment.

Which Clinic is Right?

The clinic is another important factor in determining where to receive treatment. It should not be too far from home, but should be well-equipped and hygienic. Most treatments for freckles do not require a recovery period and patients are often able to drive themselves home, but getting picked up by a friend or family member following some treatments may be encouraged.

If you'd like to finance your treatment, ask about financing options beforehand. Also inquire about pricing to be sure that the price is not out of your budget or suspiciously low. offers information regarding common price ranges for freckle treatments.

Freckles are not considered a sign of skin cancer, but if they change or grow, patients are encouraged to see a physician. If you notice that your freckles change in size or appearance, see a physician immediately, as changes in skin growths may be a sign of skin cancer. It's also worth mentioning that light skinned individuals who are prone to freckles are also at greater risk of skin cancer and should take precautions to protect themselves from the sun.

The most important part of choosing a specialist is communication. Make sure that you choose a specialist who you feel comfortable approaching and asking questions. Ineffective communication may lead to complications or misunderstandings that may be detrimental to your results.

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