Symptoms of Unwanted Facial Hair

Sensitive skin affects many individuals and can be an embarrassing prospect for some. The cause of sensitive skin may vary, and different triggers may cause flare ups of symptoms. Avoiding these risk factors includes tracking what causes symptoms to appear, but the first step is recognizing symptoms in the first place.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is common among individuals with sensitive skin. Redness, flaking and itching are common symptoms associated with dry skin. Dry skin may not effectively protect nerve endings on the skin. This may leave skin susceptible to certain cosmetic or skin care products, which may lead to bad reactions of these products.


Fair skinned individuals are often prone to sunburn or freckling after excessive sun exposure. Fair skin is genetic, but there are certain steps such as wearing sunscreen or proper clothing when outdoors that may help patients avoid these symptoms.

Food Allergies

Eating certain foods may trigger skin allergies in some patients. Determining which foods one is allergic to is the first step in avoiding allergic reactions. Some patients break out in hives after eating food they are allergic to, while others may develop symptoms so severe that they are rushed to the emergency room.

Other Symptoms

There are many other symptoms of sensitive skin that patients should be aware of. Pustules, skin bumps, erosion, facial flushing and other reactions may be signs of sensitive skins. Some patients may develop red lines on their face which may be attributed to blood vessels. This is a common symptom of rosacea and should be diagnosed by a skincare professional.

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