Stretch Marks

Mention stretch marks and you're bound to get a few shrieks and sighs. Nobody likes having stretch marks, but they're often a common occurrence for some individuals. They are not necessarily permanent and do fade over time, but certain treatments may prove effective in fading the reddish or purplish steaks on the body. So what causes stretch marks? Well, as their name might suggest, the stretching of the skin during pregnancy or weight gain combined with a hormone called Cortisone are thought to be to blame. The Cortisone may weaken the skin's elastic fibers and combined with the stretching of the skin may lead to the dreaded stretch marks. Cushing's syndrome, in addition to pregnancy and weight gain, may be to blame for stretch marks as well. Other genetic disorders may also lead to stretch marks.

When they occur in pregnancy, they are most common in the latter stages of pregnancy. Weight gain is not limited to adding substantial amounts of fat to the body. Weight lifters and children going through a growth spurt may notice stretch marks. When seeking treatment for this cosmetic problem, it is important to realize that the treatments may not be 100% effective and will not completely remove stretch marks. If you seek treatment with realistic expectations, you may be very pleased with the results. Certain creams are common treatments, while laser therapy, microdermabrasion and other options may be used as well. These treatments vary in price and your doctor will likely take into consideration the age of the stretch marks when recommending a treatment.

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