Side Effects and Complications of Mohs Surgery

Mohs Surgery is considered a safe procedure. With any surgical procedure, however, certain complications or side effects may be possible. It is important to discuss all of these risks and complications with your surgeon so that you know the risks and are prepared to manage any side effects that may present themselves.


Although Mohs Surgery is known for damaging as little healthy tissue as possible, there is still the possibility of slight scarring after the procedure. Certain cosmetic procedures such as collagen for indented scars or laser resurfacing and chemical peels for raised scars may be helpful in reducing the appearance of the scar.

Other Complications

Temporary or permanent numbness is a possible side effect of this procedure, as nerve endings may be cut during surgery. Temporary or permanent weakness may also be possible if a nerve ending or muscle is cut, although this is a very rare side effect. Tenderness around the wound may also be present for several weeks following the procedure. Some patients may experience sharp pains or itching in the area as well. Additional repairs may be necessary if the skin grafts used in reconstructive surgery are damaged or are damaged. Talk to your doctor for more information about what you should expect after surgery and how you may be able to avoid certain side effects or complications associated with Mohs Surgery.

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