Sensitive Skin Treatment: Grapefruit and Oatmeal Scrub

Sensitive skin treatment depends on the symptoms and causes of sensitivity. Having skin that flares up very easily is a continuous inconvenience for people with sensitive skin. There are all sorts of treatments for sensitive skin. Dietary restrictions and hydration usually help.

Chemical commercial lotions may cause violent reactions due to any of the ingredients. Natural and herbal remedies are a more reliable solution in many cases. Exfoliation with an oatmeal and grapefruit mixture is a remedy known to immediately soothe sensitive skin.

Signs You Have Sensitive Skin

Dryness is a common feature of sensitive skin. It is believed that dryness of the skin leaves the nerve endings more vulnerable, therefore, the skin reacts violently to any irritant. Flaking, itching and redness often accompany dry skin. Sensitive skin flares up very easily.

Sunburn and rapid freckling are also signs of high sensitivity of the skin. Exposure to the sun usually causes these symptoms. People with sensitive skin have to give extra attention to sunscreen and wear protective clothes when going outdoors. Skin bumps, pustules and facial flushing can also point to sensitive skin.

Red lines develop on the face skin in rare cases. Although they may seem like blood vessels, they are actually a symptom of rosaceea, a skin condition that needs professional care.

Benefits of Grapefruit for Sensitive Skin

Grapefruit is an excellent natural antioxidant. It is not only a key ingredient in many wellness and weight loss diets, but also good for skin exfoliation. Grapefruit is rich in citric acid, as it loosens dead skin cells thus exfoliating dry skin. The main cosmetic advantage of grapefruit lies in its content of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), but this may also be also a downside when it comes to sensitive skin.

People that have sensitive skin should be twice as careful about recipes with grapefruit as an ingredient, as it can have a drying or irritating effect. Although most people will find that they can use grapefruit with good results, always try the mixture before buying the cream or lotion.

Benefits of Oatmeal for Sensitive Skin

Being a grainy substance, oatmeal is a good skin scrub. In addition, oat is very effective for skin cleansing as it absorbs impurities, hydrates and softens the skin. Oatmeal works for any type of skin (i.e. dry, oily or sensitive), and it can reduce acne and sunburn, healing itchiness. Oatmeal is perfect for sensitive skin, used alone or in mixtures. For best results, before using oatmeal, you should take a hot shower to open the skin pores or, at least, clean your face with a warm damp washcloth.

How to Make Grapefruit and Oatmeal Scrub for Sensitive Skin

To make grapefruit and oatmeal scrub for sensitive skin, squeeze one fresh large grapefruit and mix the juice with 2 tbs of oatmeal turning the ingredients into a paste. Add more juice or more oatmeal until you get a consistent paste. Use the mixture as a face and body scrub.

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