Scabies Treatment: Malathion Lotion

Malathion Lotion is a kind of topical treatment that is a scabies treatment. Malathion Lotion represents one of many topical medications that acts as an “insecticide” to prevent the growth of this condition, which is related to a mite that lays eggs under the skin. Malathion Lotion is often effective for patients with scabies as well as other patients suffering from other insect related conditions like head lice.

Usage of Malathion Lotion for Scabies

Malathion Lotion comes in different forms. Common forms of Malathion Lotion include lotion for the skin and shampoo for the scalp. Doctors may recommend using Malathion Lotion only on the affected areas or on larger areas of the body to prevent the mites from moving or transporting the contagion.

Risks of Malathion Lotion

Malathion Lotion has not been proven safe for pregnant women or women who are nursing. Some experts also recommend that extremely young children under six months to one year not be treated with Malathion Lotion. Those who have allergies to this medication are also not good candidates for this kind of treatment.

Side Effects of Malathion Lotion

Malathion Lotion can sometimes increase skin irritation in the short term, but other kinds of side effects are not commonly associated with this topical treatment. Talk to your doctor before using Malathion Lotion or anything else for scabies in order to get the safest and best solutions, as well as to make sure that your condition is related to scabies insects and not another condition like eczema.

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