Scabies Treatment: Ivermectin

Ivermectin is a specific kind of medication that serves as an effective scabies treatment for many patients who have developed this skin condition caused by a bug called the sarcoptes scabiei. The insect lays eggs under the skin, which causes an uncomfortable and irritating rash.

How Medical Experts Use It

Ivermectin is most usually an oral medication that may or may not be taken along with a topical medication for scabies. Many experts recommend using Ivermectin for advanced cases of scabies or specialty cases of this condition. Ivermectin is also popular for use with those who have specific secondary conditions, such as immune-compromising conditions. In addition, scientists are looking at the use of Ivermectin for scabies patients with developmental disabilities such as Down’s syndrome.

General Use of Ivermectin

The Ivermectin medication treatment plan often requires only one dose. A second dose may or may not be necessary. Some experts recommend against using this product for treating scabies. Pregnant, nursing women and children under 5-years-old should not use this medication, as more medical studies need to be done about the specific effects of this medication on these populations.

Side Effects of Ivermectin

Some patients using Ivermectin have reported stomach issues with this medication, and in some cases, skin irritation can temporarily increase. Patients should talk to their doctors before using Ivermectin or any other kind of drug for scabies, discussing allergies, medical interactions and any secondary medical conditions. Qualified doctors can help find the best cures with the lowest risks and least amount of side effects.

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