Preparing for Your Appointment Regarding Dry Skin

Xerosis or dry skin is a common skin condition. Usually, it is resolved with basic aids like over-the-counter creams/lotions. However, it can progress into a chronic problem that can make the skin highly susceptible to conditions, like recurring acne and long-term scarring, apart from aggravating the face’s aging process. Many people might have not visited a skin specialist before and thus, seeking some guidance towards preparing for the scheduled appointment is recommended.

Getting Started

It is better to seek the opinion of a family physician or a general practitioner regarding the need to see a dry skin specialist. It is possible that the skin condition might not need the attention of a skin specialist. Once the family physician indicates the need to see a specialist, approaching a certified dermatologist is seriously recommended.

Preparing Your Questions

Once the appointment with the dermatologist has been scheduled, it is better to get started with your preparation. The most integral part of this is preparing your list of questions. This ensures that you are able to extract the most important information from your appointment. Some important questions that you should ask in this regard include:

  • Is the dry skin commonly associated with my skin-type and age-group?
  • What is the cause of my dry skin condition? Is it an allergic or genetic reaction or due to an underlying medical condition?
  • Would there be any elaborate tests conducted to diagnose my skin condition? If yes, what would be the approximate charges?
  • Will the tests be conducted at this facility? Will the results be reported after a short waiting period?

Assessing Diagnostic Approach of Dermatologist

It is also important that you can assess the kind of diagnostic approach adopted by the dermatologist. A capable dermatologist should pose questions regarding:

  • History of any other skin condition/disease
  • Known allergy to any medication or external agent
  • Use of any new cosmetic product or any cosmetic treatment
  • Approximate duration of phases when the symptoms worsen
  • Detailed medical history, emphasizing any instances of using multiple prescription medications simultaneously
  • Factors that seem to worsen the dry skin

Preparing for Varied Treatment Options

Based upon the initial analysis, the dermatologist might prescribe some conventional medications, along with basic home remedies and a few precautions. This essentially points towards a temporary case of dry skin. However, if the specialist indicates the need for further testing and the possibility of using stronger drugs to treat the condition, it is likely that you would need a longer treatment for a diagnosed skin problem.

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