Preparing for Your Appointment Regarding Dandruff

Before you head into your appointment regarding dandruff, you can help your physician or dermatologist effectively treat you by properly preparing for the appointment. Be sure to do the following:

Observe Your Dry Skin

You'll want to be able to tell your dermatologist or physician just how long dandruff has been a problem for you and just how pervasive it has been. Monitor how quickly it appears on your head after a shampoo and if you experience dry skin anywhere else on your body. You can also tell your doctor what sorts of shampoos, conditioners and creams (if any) you have tried using, as well as the success or failure of the product.

Also, give your doctor a list of all medications and vitamins you take on a regular basis, as they may have an effect on moisture levels in your skin.

Preparing for Examination

You can prepare your scalp and skin for examination by not using any dandruff shampoos for a couple of days prior to the appointment and not washing your hair immediately before the appointment. Also, do not wear lotions, creams, ointments, perfumes, jewelry or watches to the appointment. Clean your skin with a scent-free soap the night before. Wear loose, comfortable clothing, as you may have to remove it in order to have the majority of your skin looked at.

Dandruff is usually a relatively minor condition that can be treated with oral and/or topical medication. However, it may be an indication of a more serious condition, so make an appointment with a medical professional if your dry skin is pervasive.

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