Natural Mole Removal: Honey

Natural mole removal offers a cost effective, safe way to remove your moles in the comfort of your own home. Honey has been known to aid in the removal of moles by lightening and eventually completely breaking down the mole for complete removal. If you're allergic to honey or flaxseed, do not use this natural mole removal treatment.

How It Works

Honey is naturally a healer, and the unrefined sugar crystals exfoliate and saturate the mole and break it down. To increase the effectiveness of the honey treatment, you can add flaxseed to the honey and apply as usual.

Apply and Treat

Apply honey to your mole every night before bed. To avoid the mess, cover the mole with a bandage before going to bed. Do this every night and you should start to see results after about a week.

Every person and mole react differently to any treatments, so give the honey a couple of weeks to work before moving on to another treatment. Honey has been shown to work in a very large number of cases. If your mole is irregular in shape or color, do not treat it and see your dermatologist immediately.

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