Natural Mole Removal: Garlic

As one of the possible home remedies for natural mole removal, garlic is a general favorite for this and other medicinal uses. Although mole removal is generally something done under the careful guidance of a dermatologist, some people believe that a “garlic treatment” can be effective for the common mole, also called a “nevus.”

Using Garlic on Moles

When you are using garlic on a mole, the goal is not to tear the mole off or remove it, but to shrink and/or reduce it with the natural properties of the garlic. The garlic plant has a lot of interesting chemicals in it, including harsher properties that can result in “garlic burn” for those ingesting it raw. Putting raw garlic on the skin, though, can have a potential therapeutic effect. Garlic contains antioxidants, antivirals and more, for a treatment of potentially health-boosting elements.

Most home remedy experts recommend applying the raw garlic to the mole under a bandage or tape. Leaving the garlic applied for awhile can cause the mole to shrink or “wither.” Different patients report different results with this therapy.

Always consult your doctor before attempting any home remedies for mole removal or any other kind of medical treatment.

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