Natural Mole Removal: Cumin Seeds

Natural mole removal offers a convenient, private and cost-effective way to remove your moles. Cumin is well known as a smoky Middle Eastern spice used in cooking, but it is also known for its healing properties, including in the treatment of moles.

How Natural Mole Removal Works

Cumin seeds offer the ability to bind cells which can stop bleeding. This natural remedy is especially good for moles that are bleeding. Cumin seeds also speed up the healing process and shrink the mole over the process of treatment, which can take place daily for a few weeks.

Mix and Apply

Grind cumin seeds to make a pulp. Apply the pulp to the mole and hold in place with a soft cloth. This can be done with an adhesive lined cloth bandage. Make sure the adhesive does not cover or touch the mole in any way. This will stop all bleeding, oozing or pain you may be experiencing.

Natural mole removal options are available and one of the most effective is through the use of cumin seeds. If your mole is irregular in shape, inconsistent in color or painful, contact your doctor immediately before applying any removal product, natural or otherwise.

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