Myths and Facts About Lupus Erythematosus

Debunking common myths about lupus is important in understanding the condition. For those living with lupus, a greater understanding of the condition may help them in managing the disease and may even allow them to improve their quality of life.

Lupus is Not Contagious

Despite some myths, lupus is not contagious and is not spread through sexual contact. Lupus is not transmitted through a virus, bacterium or other infection and, therefore, cannot be transmitted from one person to another. It has been passed from mother to fetus, however.

Lupus and Birth Defects

More than half of women with lupus deliver healthy babies. On some rare occasions, women with lupus give birth to babies who develop lupus. These babies may also have heart defects. Women who have lupus are encouraged to see an obstetrician who is experienced in managing high-risk pregnancies. They should also take the proper precautions to prevent lupus flares.

Lupus is Found in Men and Women

Most people suffering from lupus are women, although men may also have the disease. The gap in male and female cases is not fully understood.

Lupus and Heart and Kidney Disease

In most cases, lupus is not fatal if it is caught early and treated properly. Women should try to prevent lupus flares and should practice a healthy lifestyle. In cases in which lupus leads to kidney or heart disease, the condition may be fatal. For more information about lupus, patients should contact a trained physician who is experienced in treating lupus. Developing a strong support system of friends, family members and other lupus patients may be beneficial to many patients.

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