Myths and Facts about Excessive Sweating

Sweating commonly occurs when we engage in intense physical activity or are exposed to extreme heat conditions. For a great number of people however, sweating can strike without warning, streaming out of every pore, and often occurring at the most inconvenient times. Many people suffer from excessive sweating and are unaware it is even a medical condition that can be treated. Here is what you need to know about excessive sweating.

Myth: Only overweight people suffer from excessive sweating

Fact: Excessive sweating can affect any body type regardless of weight. However, people who carry extra weight on their bodies tend to sweat more. The body`s temperature gauge in someone who is overweight has to work overtime to keep the body cool which in turn produces more sweat.

Myth: Putting baby powder under the armpits will stop the sweat

Fact: Baby powder is not very effective in reducing sweat and is more of a hassle than anything. The application of the powder can be very messy not to mention it can ruin your clothes once the powder gets wet. You are much better off using a regular antiperspirant than baby powder.

Myth: Sweat causes body odor

Fact: Body odor is not directly caused by sweat. The odour occurs when bacteria on the skin combines with the sweat. Shaving hair from the underarms or other areas where you commonly perspire can help reduce body odor.

Myth: Men have more sweat glands than women

Fact: In this case the opposite is true. Women actually have more sweat glands than men do. The reason that men seem to perspire more than women is because men have more active sweat glands. Women also tend to have less body hair in places where we sweat the most, such as the armpits, because they frequently shave those areas.

Myth: Underarms have the most sweat glands.

Fact: This is actually a very common misconception. The underarms are probably the most well known area for sweating problems but in fact, it is the feet that have the most sweat glands. Because our feet are normally covered throughout the day, we don`t notice how much our feet actually sweat.

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