Medical Treatment Options for Psoriasis

Chemical peels are distinct types of medical treatments that help to promote healthy skin growth on the face and other parts of the body. These peels make use of certain chemicals to do two different things. The first is to strip off and remove blemishes and other unattractive parts of the skin. The second is to encourage new skin cells to grow in their place. These procedures are non invasive, but they can be quite painful and involve hefty recuperation periods, during which you can be generally immobilized.

Medical Conditions

There are, of course, certain medical conditions that may preclude you from making use of a chemical peel in order to help promote the rejuvenation of your facial skin. These conditions include any that involve heightened sensitivity of the skin on the face. Certain skin conditions like connective tissue disorders may preclude you from using chemical peels as well. If you have severe burns, sunburns or damage, cysts, scars, open sores, tumors or other abnormalities on your face, you may also not be able to make use of a chemical peel in this way.

Other Considerations

Many people who cannot engage in a chemical peel will instead opt for one of several other types of rejuvenation techniques instead. These include laser light treatments, surgical procedures, injections of Botox® and other neurotoxins, and more. Speak with your dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon in your area for more information about all of these different treatment programs, and also to learn about whether or not a chemical peel will work for your situation.

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