How to Treat Dry Skin with Shielding Lotion

Dry skin can be improved by using skin moisturizer. The shielding lotion is a type of moisturizer that can block the external factors and irritants, while keeping the moisture locked in the skin.

What Is Shielding Lotion?

The shielding lotion is a skin moisturizer that uses the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin to protect the skin from dryness and other damaging factors. The lotion bonds with the oils on the skin and the dead skin cells, to form the protective pellicle. This pellicle will help the skin keep hydrated and elastic, allowing it to regenerate.

The shielding lotion is said to be different from other skin lotions and creams that moisturize, as these provide moisture for a limited amount of time and will not protect the skin from irritants. The normal skin lotions may also clog the skin pores by attracting dirt (which can easily stick to the greasy skin), while the shielding lotion will protect the skin, keeping the pores clean.

Shielding Lotion and Dry Skin

The shielding lotion may act in 2 ways:

  • Shields the skin from external factors and irritants by creating a thin pellicle
  • Keeps the moisture locked in the skin, so as to protect skin dryness

For these reasons, the shielding lotion can be particularly beneficial for people with dry skin. The shielding lotion can be used on the face, hands and other areas that are more exposed to sun, wind and irritants in the environment.

The shielding lotion will be removed when the skin is treated with exfoliating solutions.

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