How to Treat Dandruff with Green Gram Powder

There are no cures to treat dandruff, but there are a number of remedies that can control the shedding of dandruff, minimizing the skin flaking. The green gram is a plant originating from India with manifold benefits for the health and the skin, reducing the production of dandruff.

What Is Green Gram Powder?

Green gram powder is made from a plant that originated in India. The green gram is also known as Phasleolus aureus, or Mung, as the Indians call it. The green gram may be used in diet, containing numerous nutrients. The beans are typically dried and added to various recipes. If left soaking, the green gram sprouts will have added nutritional value.

The dry green gram is known to be a rich source of proteins and fibers. As for the minerals and vitamins, the green gram contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B. Consumed in high amounts, the green gram can have laxative effects. However, the green gram may also be made into powder and used in cosmetic products such as shampoos, detergents of shower gels.

Green Gram Powder for Dandruff

The green gram powder may be used instead of soap or a shampoo and may be beneficial for people with dandruff issues. Dandruff may often be the result of irritated skin, and many commercial soaps or shampoos cause major irritation to the scalp.

The green gram powder is a non irritant substance that will remove dirt and soothe the skin. The solution can also hydrate the scalp, resulting in less flaking, so less dandruff.

Green Gram Effectiveness

The green gram powder can reduce the production of dandruff and in some people it may prevent the recurrence of dandruff. The results may vary depending on the type of skin and how severe the dandruff condition is in each person in part.

Ideally, the green gram should be used as a single ingredient, without being mixed with any other chemicals. The pure green gram powder should be more effective than commercial products that contain green gram extracts, as the commercial products will contain numerous potential skin irritants.

How to Use Green Gram Powder for Dandruff

The green gram powder may be obtained from the Phasleolus aureus or Mung plant. The beans should be dried and made into a fine powder. However, the green gram powder can be purchased from health stores or may be available in numerous beauty products. Pure green gram powder gels are also available and may be applied on the scalp, left for a few minutes and thoroughly removed.

The green gram powder can be diluted in 2 liters of lukewarm water and used as a rinse or a shampoo. The solution should be left on the skin for 5 to 10 minutes, to ensure the green gram will be effective. The solution should be used instead of the regular shampoo, and it should be used at least twice per week.

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