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Skin Tyte is a laser procedure used to treat sun-damaged and aging skin. This procedure works by combining light energy and cooling technology to improve skin tightening and make younger looking skin. Three to five treatments are needed in order to have lasting improvement.

History of the Procedure

Because Skin Tyte is a relatively new procedure, there have not been a whole lot of alterations or adjustments made to it yet, so it has a short history on its own. However, its history can be linked to various other skin altering procedures. It was developed as a less invasive alternative to BOTOX® and facelift procedures.

History of Light Laser

This treatment has been in existence since the invention and development of the Sciton ST Broad Band Light. This technology, developed in recent years, works by heating the dermal collagen layer deep in your skin and cooling the outer layer causing the skin to tighten. It also works to reverse the effects of aging by stimulating the body's natural healing powers and causing the collagen in the skin to become firm and contract.

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