Herbal Remedies for Cold Sore Treatment: Echinacea

A cold sore can be a painful experience for many patients. The result of a virus, a cold sore can appear during times of stress, illness or simply during times when the sore is least expected. Cold sores are created by the herpes simplex virus, making them difficult to treat, though more topical ointments are available today. Prescription drugs are available for those who have frequent cold sore flareups, but for those who want to address their cold sore issue with the natural defenses in their body, Echinacea might be the supplement to try. This natural remedy can work with the body's immune system to stop the cold sore from growing and to help fight the virus.

What Is Echinacea?

Echinacea is an herbal remedy from central North America. A part of a family of flowers, this purple coneflower plant is from the Asteraceae family. When the plant is dried out and cut into small pieces, it can be turned into capsules, tablets or tinctures in order to provide health support. While studies are conflicting about the ability of Echinacea to help the immune system, years of use by native tribes have shown remarkable results when used correctly.

The Effects of Echinacea

During cold sore flareups, patients may already realize their immune system is compromised. Whether they are under a lot of stress or they are suffering from an illness, the human body can be weakened enough to allow the herpes virus to spread in the body, causing cold sores. When a patient takes Echinacea during a cold sore flareup, the cold sore can begin to diminish in size, helping to relieve pain and soreness. In addition, for a patient who is also fighting a cold, taking Echinacea during this viral attack will help to prevent the possibility of cold sores as the immune system will be bolstered by the herbal remedy. As a cold sore treatment, Echinacea is one of many natural remedies, one which seems to provide the right support for the patient's body to cure the sores on its own.

Taking Echinacea for Cold Sores

Most herbal specialists will recommend that Echinacea be taken with goldenseal in order to effectively treat and prevent cold sores. These two herbal medicines are often found in pill form together, making it simple to ingest both medications at the same time. Patients should take 200 milligrams of Echinacea and 125 milligrams of goldenseal up to four times daily in order to see the most benefit as a cold sore treatment. This treatment regimen should only be as long as the outbreak, since the effectiveness of Echinacea can diminish if taken regularly for more than eight weeks.

Choosing Echinacea as a cold sore treatment can help patients see relief from cold sores. For those who have troubles avoiding the sores, this herbal cold sore treatment will not only help to treat sores already on the skin, but it will also help to prevent new sores from emerging. Viruses are tricky to treat, but the body knows what to do, so long as it gets the supplemental support it needs.

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