Hair Loss Treatments: Provillus

Among over-the-counter hair loss remedies, provillus is a popular remedy sought by both men and women. Provillus uses the combination of herbal supplements and a topical treatment to ensure that hair loss causes are addressed internally and externally. The nutrients are provided in the form of provillus pills, and the topical provillus solution is applied on the scalp and gently massaged.

What Makes Topical Provillus Effective

The topical solution sold as a part of the Provillus package consists of a compound called minoxidil. This is among the very few topical solutions that have been approved by the FDA for application in humans for stimulating hair growth. However, minoxidil is reputed to be more effective for people who aren't balding aggressively and those who have some form of active hair growth. This is usually prevalent among people below the age of 40, wherein the baldness patterns are just developing in the form of increased hair fall.

This topical solution is further strengthened with Azelaic acid and some soluble vitamins. The Azelaic acid is a potent dicarboxylic acid that is widely used in the treatment of many skin conditions. This includes health conditions that are known to cause hair loss like dermatitis and other allergic reactions besides fungal and bacterial infections of the scalp. These topical ingredients are useful for both men and women who are facing hair loss due to androgenic alopecia, i.e. genetic hair loss caused due to the action of androgens (hormones).

The usage of topical Provillus is recommended for men and women, as this external application is incapable of rendering any hormonal side-effects. However, the oral supplements explained below are segregated and sold in different potencies for men and women. These orally administered formulations shouldn’t be misused, i.e. men shouldn’t use women-formulated Provillus and vice-versa.

Oral Provillus for Men

The formulation recommended for men has potent herbal constituents like saw palmetto, pumpkin seed extract and Mura puma root that are compatible with the male physiology. For instance, saw palmetto is a DHT inhibitor. Please note that DHT is widely regarded as the main culprit that promotes typical hair fall patterns among men, like male pattern baldness. This compound is produced when a particular enzyme acts upon the male hormone, testosterone. However, the presence of DHT blockers ensures that free testosterone is not available for this conversion.

Pumpkin seed oils also act as indirect DHT blockers. Though DHT-blockers are also needed for arresting female androgenic alopecia too, the sustained use of these compounds can raise the amount of testosterone leading to the development of male sexual traits. Similarly, Mura puma root is strictly recommended for usage among men since this herb is a male nerve tonic and mild aphrodisiac.

Oral Provillus for Women

Provillus has taken special care to provide a wholesome herbal supplementation for women that doesn’t induce any hormone-linked side-effects. This is why provillus pills for women have a higher concentration of Vitamin B6. This vitamin is needed for maintaining the health of the hair follicles and for regulating a critical female hormone, estrogen. This is vital since estrogen is among the androgens in women converted into DHT.

Similarly, biotin is present in heavy concentration to ensure that it can increase the nutritional content of the scalp, helping to fight-off scalp-related diseases. The female formulation is enriched with para-amino benzoic acid or PABA that helps to raise the immunity of the scalp against external factors causing hair fall, like ultraviolet rays in the sunlight.

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