Excessive Sweating Prevention

Excessive sweating is a problem for more than 8 million Americans. This condition can not only interfere with performing simple tasks but can also cause great emotional pain and embarrassment. The following are some techniques that can help you keep your excessive sweating under control:

Avoid spicy foods

When you eat hot or spicy foods your entire body temperature rises, stimulating your sweat glands to create more sweat. In contrast, there are certain foods that can help cool down your body such as tomatoes and grapes.

Wear prescription strength deodorant

Many people who suffer from excessive sweat find that regular deodorants are unsuccessful in reducing the problem. There are actually certain deodorants such as Drysol that are specifically designed for excessive sweating conditions. Drysol contains a higher dose of aluminum chloride than regular antiperspirants. Aluminum chloride helps to plug the pores for a short amount of time, preventing sweat from coming through. Drysol can only be purchased through a prescription by your skin care practitioner.

Regular Body Grooming

If you regularly shave in areas where you tend to sweat the most it won't necessarily stop you from sweating but can help significantly eliminate body odour that tends to accompany sweat. Hair traps sweat which mixes with bacteria and causes odour.

Lose weight

This may not be the easiest way to prevent your excessive sweating but it can be very helpful. When a person is overweight the sweat glands have to naturally produce more sweat to effectively regulate the body's temperature. Therefore, shedding those extra pounds is not only good for your health but can help reduce excessive sweating.

Reduce Stress

When you are stressed your sympathetic nerves become over stimulated and cause the sweat glands to produce high amounts of sweat. Learning ways to cope in stressful situations and stay relaxed can significantly help improve your excessive sweating.

Proper circulation

Those who suffer from sweaty feet (plantar hyperhidrosis) can greatly benefit from wearing cotton socks and shoes that increase blood circulation and prevent feet from becoming overheated.

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