Does Ingrown Hair Cream Work?

Ingrown hair cream is a way to help remove the unwanted ingrown hairs that are usually found in places that are shaved often. They are also known as razor bumps. This happens when the shaved hair gets stuck inside the hair follicle or peeks out and then grows back inward instead of growing out. It is most often a condition that causes redness and discomfort. What can be done to treat this problem? Many people use ingrown hair cream, tweezers or acne medications.

Effectiveness of Ingrown Hair Cream

The ingrown hair cream is a solution that in order to work, must contain the active ingredient Salicylic acid. This ingredient is the same that is in many acne medications which helps open and clean pores, preventing infection and bacteria. Other active ingredients that can help clean, open and help reduce inflammation and redness are azulene, allantoin and witch hazel. There are also creams that completely remove the root of the infected hair, thus helping to remove the problem all together.

There is really no solution that has been proven to completely prevent or cure ingrown hairs, but using creams with the types of active ingredients discussed above will help to reduce the redness and discomfort that come with this condition.

Some ingrown hair creams that have worked for people suffering from this condition are listed below.

  • The Art of Shaving, Night Cream
  • Mancine Professional Ingrown Hair Cream
  • Hovan's Gold Ingrown Hair Cream

These, along with acne medications, face washes, soaps and the gentle lifting of the ingrown hairs with tweezers, usually help alleviate the redness and infection that usually brings about discomfort.

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