Crab/Pubic Lice vs. Scabies

Pubic lice, commonly referred to as crabs, greatly differs and closely relates to scabies in several ways. Both of these pestering species have the ability to cause moderate to severe symptoms, though both get treated with known remedies. Generally, scabies gets thought of as a more serious problem since the scabies mites actually penetrate and burrow into the human flesh. However, lice must not get overlooked as a less serious condition.

Common Information

Multiple types of lice exist. Humans have the ability to contract head, body or pubic lice. These three different species have similarities and differences in many terms. Humans contract all three of the aforementioned louse species in different ways, and each live distinct lifestyles with a range of breeding patterns.

When comparing scabies and pubic lice, people must know that two entirely different organisms act in two completely different ways. The similar symptoms and visual appearance of lice and the scabies mites often provide enough reason for a connection.

Simple Differences

Unlike scabies, pubic lice live in a specifically known environment, the pubic region. The mites that cause scabies have the ability to make nearly any part of the human body into a home.

Pubic lice do not live off of the human host. Scabies have the ability to live off of the human body for nearly two days, but not longer. Humans have a higher chance of contracting scabies in comparison to pubic lice due to the range of areas that the scabies-causing mites infest.

Simple Similarities

The mites that cause scabies and all forms of the louse species cause irritation which gets associated with itching. Both pubic lice and scabies will spread from person to person through direct body contact.

Mites and lice insects act as parasites and use the human body as a host. Unlike other forms of insects, parasites and multiple insects, pubic lice and scabies mites do not have the ability to transfer from animal to human.

All forms of lice, including pubic lice, along with scabies, remain fully avoidable and treatable. Both pubic lice and the mites that cause scabies will live without the human host for no longer than 2 days.

Treatment Differences

Since scabies mites literally burrow underneath the human skin, those who suffer from scabies symptoms do not have the ability to simply wash away the problems. Scabies often gets cured with topical medication, but many patients must take pills or undergo other methods to reduce their symptoms.

Pubic lice will get fully washed out, sometimes in a matter of a few weeks or less. Those who suffer from pubic lice generally wash all clothing and bedding items multiple times in order to reduce the risk of another infestation. Pubic lice will live less than 2 full days once separated from the human host.

Other Information

Both scabies and pubic lice have the ability to cause intensive itching, more so at night than during the day time. Both species of parasitic creatures become active while the body remains at rest.

Early identification helps patients dodge continual symptoms in both lice and scabies. Pubic lice produce multiple eggs daily while scabies spread in a similar fashion. Stopping the spread within one week will drastically limit the lice and scabies population on the human body.

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