Cost of Sensitive Skin Treatment

Treating sensitive skin does not have to be overly expensive. As there is no uniform cause of sensitive skin, treatment may vary from patient to patient. Consequently, the cost of treatment may also vary depending on which treatment is used, the clinic providing treatment and how many sessions or applications are necessary.


For those with dry skin, moisturizers may be very important in avoiding the itching, flaking, cracking and fine lines often associated with the condition. Prices for moisturizers may run anywhere from $5 for the cheapest lotions to $100 for high end moisturizers.


While sunscreen is not technically a treatment for sensitive skin, it is sometimes a necessary product in preventing sunburn or freckling caused by excessive sun exposure. Like lotions and moisturizers, the cost of sunscreen may vary greatly. Sunscreens picked up in a local drug store may sell for as little as $6 or $7, while other sunscreens may sell for up to $70.

Cosmetic Treatments

Certain cosmetic treatments such as chemical peels, intense pulsed light therapy and laser treatments may be helpful in removing freckles, age spots and other skin problems caused by sensitive skin. Intense pulsed light therapies may cost between $300 and $650 per session, while chemical peels may range in price from $150 for light peels to $5,000 for deeper peels. Certain medications may be used to treat symptoms of sensitive skin as well. These are general prices for these products and treatments and prices may vary from clinic to clinic. Severe cases that require several treatment sessions or multiple applications may cause treatment prices to run higher.

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