Cost of Moles Treatment

Moles are usually just a cosmetic concern, although in cases in which the mole is determined to be cancerous, the mole must be removed along with the surrounding skin. The cost of surgery to remove a mole is relatively inexpensive when compared to the cost of treatment for skin cancer if it is not caught in the early stage. Always have abnormal moles, new moles or changes to existing moles checked by a physician.

Shave Excision

This is a procedure in which the physician uses a blade to remove the mole from the skin. The area around the mole is numbed prior to treatment. Stitches are usually not required, as this procedure is usually used to remove small moles. Shave excision usually costs a couple hundred dollars. Talk to your insurance carrier to determine if they will cover the cost. If the mole is being tested for cancer, insurance may cover the cost. If the mole is being removed for cosmetic reasons, insurance may not cover the procedure. This may vary, however, so consult a physician and your insurance carrier for more information.

Surgical Removal

This procedure is similar to shave excision, only a scalpel or punch device is used and stitches are usually required. The mole is cut out along with the surrounding skin. Again, talk to your insurance carrier and physician to determine if your insurance will cover the procedure. Cosmetics may be used to conceal an unattractive mole in some cases. Talk to a physician for more information about removing moles and to determine the cost of such procedures. Prices may vary from one clinic to the other and may be influenced by your geographic location.

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