Cost and Financing of Scabies Treatments

Scabies is a parasite cause condition that causes itching, irritation and redness on affected areas. Scabies is most common in children and those living in care facilities or group homes. It's spread through direct contact, bed linens and clothing. There are a number of topical treatments that can be used to treat scabies and all are pretty affordable.

Treatment Options

All Scabies treatments require a prescription. Lindane is an ingredient that use to be used for the treatment of Scabies, but is known to be extremely dangerous to the nervous system when used in excess. Instead, make sure your doctor prescribes a Lindane-free treatment. These treatments include Elimite, Eurax, Benzyl Benzoate and Stromectin. Discounting the cost and effectiveness of Lindane (which is the most effective, but harmful), Eurax and Elimite are next. Eurax has an estimated cost of $15 and contains two doses. Elimite has an estimated cost of $30 for two doses.

Financing Options for Scabies Treatment

Because Scabies treatment creams are covered by insurance and are reasonably inexpensive, there is no need for financing. If you have a cost issue, speak with your doctor or billing department to discuss options.

The best treatment option is always prevention, but with proper treatment Scabies can be treated and cured in a short period of time with little or no side effects.

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