Cold Sore Treatment: 6 Ways to Relieve Cold Sore Pain

When a cold sore hurts, it can make it more difficult for you to keep your hands off of it (which is essential for faster healing and limiting the spread of the virus), or to keep your mind off it it. Try any of the following to help relieve the pain:

1. Keep It Cold

A cold temperature can help instantly relieve cold sore pain. Any gel or cream you put on your sores should be chilled in the refrigerator in advance so that you can instantly feel the coldness when you apply the gel or cream. You can also get temporary relief by placing an ice cube over the sore. To avoid irritating the skin, rub it gently in a circular motion over the area for a few minutes. Repeat every ten minutes for at least an hour so you can feel relief for most of the rest of the day.

2. MSM Gel

Applying a dab of MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) gel on your cold sore directly two to three times a day can relieve pain. However, be sure that the gel isn't mixed with other products or intended for another use. MSM gel mixtures are also used to relieve joint pain or improve the appearance of skin. To help relieve pain, you'll want to use as pure MSM gel as possible.

3. Aloe

An aloe gel is a simple-to-find remedy that can help give your sores a cooling sensation and relieve pain temporarily. Because aloe is not medicated and is unlikely to cause further irritation in your skin, you can reapply it as necessary throughout the day.

4. Organic Silicon Gel

Organic silica gel is a popular pain-relieving gel for cold sores. You can apply this gel as often as needed. Organic silica is also used for relieving muscle pain and soreness. It works to relieve pain from sores by stimulating collagen and soothing skin tissues.

5. Pain Relievers

You can take pain relievers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen to temporarily lessen the pain of your sores. However, this internal solution is best used in conjunction with a topical treatment. Be sure not to overdose on pain relievers, and take the pills as directed every 4 to 6 hours.

6. Numbing Agents

You can apply an ointment with a numbing agent in it to numb the area and dull your pain. Many of these numbing agents are prescribed by doctors, but you can look for ointments containing ingredients such as phenol, camphor, benzocaine or benxyl alcohol and ask a medical professional if these numbing agents will work on your sores.

Relieving cold sore pain will help you be able to focus on other things and limit your contact with the sore. This means that the virus will be less likely to spread and the sore is more likely to heal without permanent scarring. Remember whenever you apply gels, creams or ointments to wash your hands directly after touching the sores to prevent spreading the virus.

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