Chapped Lips Prevention

Among common skin problems, chapped lips are one of the commonest issues. However, chapped lips can be easily prevented with some handy tips, explained below.

Climatic Reasons

Prolonged exposure to extremely dry, cold or windy weather, or even traveling to a new destination with different climatic conditions can induce sudden drying and chapping of lips. It is always advisable to carry a lip balm and simple moisturizing agents like a petroleum jelly whenever stepping into the outdoors. In sunny conditions, using a lip balm with high SPF rating is recommended.

Lifestyle-Related Issues

Habits like smoking and chewing/licking the lips (as a symptom of anxiety) often lead to chapped lips. These habits should be immediately stopped. Those prone to nervous chewing/licking of their lips can switch to options like keeping their mouths busy with a piece of chewing gum. For habitual smokers, it is a matter of cutting down on their daily usage of cigarettes.

Artificial Drying of Skin

Acne-related medications are often aimed are reducing the bodily oils that are also found in the facial skin that can lead to chapped lips. It is vital that such ointments aren’t applied upon or around the lips. A much better option is to seek an alternative ointment that doesn’t cause this side-effect.

Cosmetic Reasons

Various types of lotions, complexions creams and basic aids like perfumes/deodorizers can induce allergic reactions that cause excessive drying and cracking of the lips. Rather than using anti-allergic medications, it is better to stop the usage of any cosmetic utility that is suspected of drying-up the lips.


    This is the most common cause of lip chapping that is often unacknowledged. Lips are a part of the facial skin that needs constant hydration. This can be maintained by drinking lots of water and using moisturizers suited to one’s skin-type. Combining a moisturizer for facial application and a balm with an oily base for the lips is a more comprehensive strategy.

    Nutritional Issues

    Some cases of extreme chapping of lips, along with minimal inflammation along the edges of the lips, is referred to as cheilitis. This is commonly caused due to deficiency of vitamins like riboflavin (Vitamin B2). It is generally advised that for keeping the facial skin nourished, proper vitamin B intake is vital. This can be easily done by using vitamin B supplements.

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