Chapped Lips: Could Toothpaste Be the Problem?

Chapped lips are common, mostly during colder seasons, but may also be present in the summer. Among other possible causes, toothpaste may be considered a strong contender. There are a few types of toothpaste that could lead to chapped lips.

Causes of Chapped Lips

Chapped lips may be caused by:

  • Wind and cold weather
  • Frequent licking and biting of lips
  • Vitamin B2 deficiency

There are also a few other causes, such as toothpaste or certain foods and drinks, that can facilitate the formation of chapped lips.

Chapped Lips and Toothpaste

Certain toothpastes can cause skin irritation and lead to chapped lips. Toothpastes that may irritate the lips include anti tartar pastes and enamel saver toothpastes. Ideally, these toothpastes should be avoided.

Even other ingredients in the toothpaste may irritate the lips, but only in more sensitive people. A test should be performed to identify if the toothpaste causes irritation. The patient should switch to a different type of toothpaste, preferably one containing only natural ingredients. If the irritation disappears after a few days, the toothpaste is clearly the irritant.

To prevent irritation, the toothpaste should be used with caution and shouldn’t touch the lips as much as possible. After cleaning the teeth, the lips should be washed with water and a lip balm should be applied.

Chapped lips can be prevented by using a lip balm, petroleum jelly or aloe vera gels that protect the skin and keep the lips moisturized.

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