Chapped Lips

At some point in your life, likely multiple points for that matter, you've probably experienced chapped lips. Your chapped lips may be blamed on exposure to cold, dry air, wind or sun, licking your lips, dehydration or contact with certain irritants or allergens. Breathing with an open mouth may also be to blame. They are sometimes considered a cosmetic concern, although chapped lips are not considered a medical concern and treating them is no medically necessary. Still, seeking treatment is common to relief not only their appearance, but the dry feeling associated with the condition.

Perhaps the best treatment for chapped lips is actually prevention. If you know you'll be in cold, dry or windy weather, put on lubricating cream or lip balm that has either petrolatum or beeswax in it. Creams and balms that contain sunscreen are often helpful. Also try covering your lips with something like your jacket or scarf if possible. If you feel your lips beginning to dry out, avoid the urge to lick your lips, as the saliva will evaporate, leaving the lips feeling even drier in most cases. Simply drinking enough fluids may also be helpful in avoiding chapped lips. If the air in your home is constantly dry, consider purchasing a humidifier to add moisture to the air. If this is a constant problem and treatment does not seem to help, speak with your doctor. While rare, it may be possible that an underlying condition may be causing your chapped lips.

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