Most individuals have had a blister at some point in their life. They are fluid-filled bumps on the skin and may take on the appearance of a bubble in some cases. Blisters on the feet are fairly common, especially among athletes and those who are breaking in new pair of shoes. As the skin rubs against the shoe, the blister may form. Similarly, you may get a blister when working in the shop or in the yard and do not wear gloves, as the tools rubbing against your skin may cause a blister to form. Other possible causes include burns (including sunburns, chemical burns, electrical burns, etc.) or exposure to the cold. Certain spider bites may also be a cause, while some may experience blood blisters when tiny blood vessels are harmed.

Infections that may result in blisters including cold sores, shingles, chicken pox, impetigo, scabies or bedbugs. If a blister opens, beware of possible infection and take the appropriate measures to avoid such a scenario. You may experience itching and/or pain with a blister, but the good news is that certain home remedies and treatments may offer some relief. If you have an infection that causes your blister(s), speak with your doctor, however. If your blister is small, simply leaving it alone is often the best course of action, or inaction. If your blister is large, draining it by using a sterile needle (cleaned with rubbing alcohol) to poke a small hole and force the liquid out of the hole may be helpful. Antibiotic ointments may be recommended by a doctor to avoid infection.

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