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Freckles are described as small, flat brown spots on the skin. They commonly appear on areas of sun exposed skin such as the face and arms, but may appear on other parts of the body as well. Freckles are not considered harmful, although some patients seek treatment to get rid of or fade them.

Cosmetic Cover-Up

Makeup is sometimes used to cover up freckles or make them less noticeable. A cosmetician may be helpful in choosing the appropriate cosmetic and color to match your skin tone.

Bleaching cream may also be used to fade freckles to the skin's normal color. Patients should be careful when using bleaching cream and should consult a skincare professional, as the misuse of the product may lead to skin damage.


Light pulsed and laser therapies have been used to treat freckles as well. Certain ablative or non-ablative treatments may be helpful in removing freckles or making them less noticeable. Ablative therapies may require a recovery period, so patients should discuss this with a skincare professional to determine if the treatment is right for them.

Other Treatments

Chemical peels have also been used to treat freckles. There are varying degrees of chemical peels from the most superficial peels that affect only the epidermis to very deep chemical peels that affect the dermis. Individuals who are interested in treatment should consult a qualified skincare professional to determine which is right for them.

More information about any of these treatments is available through a skincare professional. Be sure to choose a qualified expert to provide treatment.

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