Tips for Choosing a Hair Loss Specialist

Hair loss solutions are popular in middle aged men that are looking to improve their appearance. However, hair loss can also occur in women. If you are faced with this problem and you have decided to see a specialist for professional treatment, such as hair transplants, you need to choose the most suitable specialist.

Hair Loss Specialists

Before you start your search for a hair loss specialist, you should know what types of specialists can help you with a hair transplant procedure. Look for:

  • Dermatologists
  • General physicians that have training in hair transplant
  • Plastic surgeons

These specialists may be found in local directories, typically in the section featuring doctors or medical clinics. You may also search on the Internet for a few hair transplant specialists.

Make a List

It’s important to select a number of hair transplant specialists that you are considering for the procedure. You should have at least 3 selected names or clinics, so that you can decide on the best.

Call Hair Transplant Specialists

You should get in touch with the selected hair transplant specialists. You can call them directly or call the clinic and ask a few questions about the technique used, the costs involved and the training of the specialist. Remember that the specialist you choose should be certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). Calling can narrow down your search, as you can cut a few names off your list (due to location or if they don’t offer hair transplants).

Meet Your Doctor

If you still have several contenders to choose from, you should meet the doctors that you’ve selected. This can give you additional info on the procedure and help you decide. You should ask a number of questions about the procedure and ask about what the doctor recommends in your case. Looking at a few previous hair transplant patients and their results may also be important when choosing your doctor.

Other Selection Criteria

To help you decide, you can look at the costs involved, but make sure you also consider other factors. A cheap procedure may not be the best. You can decide based on the results and experience of the doctor or the technique used and the devices available at the clinic. Last, but not least, you can go with your instinct.

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is also an option for hair transplant. The procedure may cost less and can be performed abroad. However, you have to be careful when choosing the doctor. Make sure you visit their website and call them ahead. Ask for references as well.

Medical tourism has gained popularity, but you have to consider that in addition to the costs of the procedure, you will also have to pay for your trip and in some cases, several trips will be required. This may not always be an advantageous solution.

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