Preparing for Your Eczema Appointment

Eczema is often a tolerable and easily manageable condition. However, if your eczema seems to be getting worse or if you are experiencing unusual symptoms it is important to schedule a visit with a skin care professional right away. The following information can help prepare you for your eczema appointment.

During your visit, the skin care specialist will discuss your medical history with you, as well as any medications you are taking, or allergies you may have. If you are not sure about some of this information it is a good idea to find out as much as you can about your health history and write it down before your appointment so you don't forget. Information about your health can help your skin care specialist better understand your condition and in turn, create the best treatment plan for you.

Your skin care specialist may also inquire about any lifestyle changes you have made recently and ask about any new products you may be using that seem to trigger your eczema. It is important to mention all of these factors to your skin care professional because even the smallest ingredient in a lotion or medication could be what is causing your outbreaks. If you have been under a huge amount of stress lately this is also important to mention to your skin care specialist. Stress can be a major factor in causing eczema.

Your appointment will also involve a careful skin examination so your skin care specialist can diagnose which type of eczema you have. There are different types of treatments suited for specific forms of eczema. Your practitioner may prescribe topical medications to alleviate some of your eczema symptoms such as redness and irritation. For more severe cases of eczema, your skin care specialist may put you on an oral medication treatment plan instead.

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