What Happens if You Leave Athlete's Foot Untreated?

If athlete’s foot is left untreated, then a number of problems could occur. One of the most common problems that could occur if athlete’s foot is left untreated is a rash. The rash will usually develop in the spaces between your toes. As a result of the rash, you could also develop itchy or scaly skin, oozing blisters, or even swelling of your skin. The rash could also spread to the bottoms and sides of your feet, which can lead to a great deal of discomfort.

Athlete’s Foot

It is pretty easy to spread this skin infection to the other parts of your body, such as the palms of your hands and your toenails. Athlete’s foot can be spread to the palms of your hands if you simply scratch the infected areas of your skin and do not wash your hands properly. Athlete's foot can easily be spread to your toenails if you leave this infection untreated for too long.

To treat athlete’s foot, it is recommended that you visit your local pharmacy. You should be able to locate a variety of products that are designed specifically to help treat athlete’s foot. It is important that you treat athlete’s foot, or it could lead to serious complications that may require you to be hospitalized (in extreme situations).

Fungal Nail Infection

When athlete’s foot spreads to your toenails, it is referred to as a fungal nail infection. This type of infection can cause your nails to become thick, crumbly and discolored. When you have a fungal nail infection, it is not uncommon for the skin that is located underneath your nail to also become inflamed. If an inflammation occurs, then this experience can be pretty painful to endure. You may find that participating in a normal activity such as walking around can be difficult or even unbearable.

Do not worry because the majority of fungal nail infections can be treated by simply using an antifungal medication. This medication can usually be applied directly onto your nail through the use of special nail paint. Leaving athlete’s foot untreated may also lead to developing a more severe secondary bacterial infection.


Cellulitis can occur as a complication of athlete’s foot that is not treated properly. This bacterial infection occurs in the deep layers of your skin and soft tissue. If you do not properly treat cellulitis, then you could develop severe complications. These complications include blood poisoning which is also known as septicaemia. If you develop septicaemia, then you may experience a fever as well as chills. You may also become very weak and your blood pressure could fall drastically.

Usually if diagnosed early enough, this infection can be treated by using antibiotics.

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