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More than your face shows your age We concentrate on how the wrinkles on our face tells are age but there are other areas that you may also want to think about. Here are a few tips and facts about aging that you may want to think about. For more tips, click on

Moisturize everywhere

It's not just your face that can show your age. Make sure you pay attention to your neck, shoulders and hands. These areas are exposed to the sun, drying air and pollution so they need to be moisturized, exfoliated and be protected from the sun's UV rays just like your face.

Smoking and your skin

Not a good combination! Smoking increases wrinkles, especially around the mouth, because it breaks down the elastic fibres of the skin. Smoking also accelerates the graying of hair. See your doctor if you need help quitting.

Don't forget your hands!

We often spend a lot of time (and money) trying to make our faces look their best. But your hands are also important. Using an exfoliant on them from time to time can minimize the appearance of small dry lines that make hands look their age.

Broken blood vessels

Also known as telangiectasias, these are small diameter, linear blood vessels that occur on the surface of the skin. As we age, these are common on the face and cheeks, particularly on the sides of the nasal ala and around the nostrils. It is also common for people with sun-damaged skin and also in people with rosacea. Pulsed-dye lasers and pulsed green lasers are often used to treat this but take note that nasal vessels are the hardest to treatment and may require multiple treatments. See to learn more.

Menopause is a time of change - and that includes changes to your skin.

The drop in estrogen levels can lead to drier skin, increased wrinkles, loss of elasticity and reduced collagen production (causing the skin to be 'looser'). If you're going through menopause, you may need to change your skin care routine. Talk to your doctor or dermatologist for advice.

Give your skin a workout!

Exercise isn't just good for your heart, it's good for your skin, too. By promoting capillary functioning and collagen production, exercise can actually decrease the signs of premature aging.

No cellulite - too good to be true?

Although advertisements make impressive claims for cellulite removal, one-way to reduce cellulite is a weight-loss program of reducing calorie intake and increasing your exercise level. You're better off spending your money on a membership at the local gym!

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About the author:
About the Author: Mariusz J. A. Sapijaszko, MD FRCPC is the Director of the Western Canada Dermatology Institute located in Edmonton, Alberta. He is also the Clinical Assistant Professor at the Division of Dermatology, University of Alberta, in Edmonton. His areas of expertise include cosmetic and laser surgery. Learn more on

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