How to Use Calendula Flowers for Acne Treatment

Even though there have been no conclusive scientific studies to prove the effectiveness of antioxidants to treat acne scars, there have been numerous personal studies and research that have shown the healing effects of antioxidants for the treatment of acne scars, along with the prevention of acne scars and of acne and treatment of acne. Antioxidants are overall good for your body's health and the health of your skin, both on your body and on your face.

What Causes Acne Scars

Nearly 80 percent of teens and young adults suffered from acne breakouts. While many were able to heal from the breakouts, others were left with acne scarring and for some the scarring is so significant that it looks like a facial disfigurement.

The main causes of having or getting acne scars can be partly genetics, partly skin care, and partly the lack of proper nutrition. If your parents or other family members have acne scars, then you can just basically blame the scarring on genetics and the family line of the skin's inability to recover correctly from acne.

Hygiene is also important; the face and body should be washed frequently, and during an acne breakout, it is important not to pick at the blemishes or to even touch them. Nutritionally speaking, if you aren't eating a diet high in antioxidants, than the chances of having or keeping acne scarring is greater.

How to Treat Acne Scars with Antioxidants

There are three basic ways to use antioxidant to treat acne scars. Though antioxidant-containing cosmetic products, diet and supplements. You can do one of the three, two of the three, or do all three at the same time for the greatest chance of preventing acne scars, minimizing new acne scarring or treating acne scars that have been present for awhile.

Many skin and facial lotions and gels now contain antioxidants in them. Be sure to read the labels to find the ones that contain the important antioxidant properties. Even if you are young, you may benefit from using anti-aging creams and lotions to treat acne scars. Many of these creams contain not only the antioxidants you need, but a whole host of ingredients that will help to heal acne scars.

Healthy Diet

Certain foods contain more concentrated amounts of antioxidants than others. Eating a diet with antioxidant foods will help to prevent and treat acne scarring. Foods that are high in antioxidants include: leafy green vegetables such as spinach, peppers, certain fruits such as strawberries, apricots and lemons, and such foods as organ meats, shrimp, sunflower seeds, nuts (walnuts), sunflower seeds and olive oil.


Supplements are a great way to help treat acne scars with antioxidants. Some people simply cannot stomach certain foods, and some of those foods they are missing out on could be high in antioxidants. For a replacement, you could take such antioxidant supplements as Vitamin A, C and E along with selenium.

As stated before, choosing one method, two of the three or using all the methods at once will help you to treat your acne scars with antioxidants. All three would be the optimal route to take, but in doing so, be sure not to over-do it. Talk to your dermatologist to devise a plan to help you reduce acne scars.

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