Removing Scars: Silicone Sheets

Removing scars at home with minimal cost is possible with the consistent application of silicone sheets. The darkened pigmentation of scars lighten considerably and uneven surfaces can become smoother over a period of four weeks to three months, even if the scars are many years old.

How Silicone Sheets Work

Silicone can both soften and hydrate skin tissue. When applied on a consistent basis to scar tissue, the hydration and softening can work to smooth the skin and lighten the pigmentation. It can also reduce the thickness of the scar. How exactly these factors are responsible for silicone removing scars are not yet known, but studies have shown remarkable improvement with consistent use.

Silicone in sheet form can result in better, faster improvement than silicone in cream form because it provides constant silicone application. It also provides a barrier between the scarring and further bacteria.

When to Start Use

If your scar is old, you can start your silicone sheets regimen for removing scars at any time. If your scar is recent, make sure it is entirely healed before you begin. You should start no earlier than a week after having stitches removed or a week after the wound last had scabs. Although you can use the silicone sheets on old scars, the earlier you use the sheets, the greater your chances for a successful scar removal treatment.

Where You Can Use the Silicone Sheets

You can use silicone sheets on nearly all hypertrophic and keltoid scars, which result from minor skin wounds, burns and most types of surgery. You can use it anywhere on the outer surface of your body, but you should keep the sheets at least an inch away from orifices and delicate areas of your body, such as the eyes.

How to Use

Clean the affected area before you apply your silicone sheets. Use plain soap and dab the area with a washcloth and then dab it dry with a towel so as not to irritate it. Do not apply other ointments, creams or perfumes to the area and make sure the skin is dry.

Apply the sheets as directed. You will most likely be asked to wear one sheet for about a week of consistent use. (The silicone will only work with a minimum of twelve hours of use per day, but you should not change the pad more than once a week if possible.) Apply the sticky side directly over the scar. You can bathe and perform normal activity while wearing the sheets.

Watch for Irritation

In a small number of people, using silicone sheets for removing scars can lead to further skin irritations. If you feel itchy for more than a few minutes, remove the sheet and check for signs of allergic reaction or irritation. Red skin with raised bumps is usually an indication of an allergic reaction. Cease use of the pads and make an appointment with your doctor or dermatologist to have the rash examined in more detail.

Removing scars with silicone sheets is simple, although you shouldn't expect the scars to be entirely gone once your treatment is completed. Still, scars can become virtually unnoticeable with this simple treatment.

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