Moles Articles

  • What are Moles?
    Some refer to moles as beauty marks, while others consider them cosmetic flaws. It may be just a matter of taste, but abnormal or suspicious moles sho...Continue Reading
  • Treatments for Moles
    Moles, in most cases, do not require removal, especially if they are benign. Cancerous moles must be removed right away before the cancer has the chan...Continue Reading
  • Symptoms of Moles
    In most cases, moles are not considered a medical concern. However, in some cases, melanomas (a serious form of skin cancer) may form in moles. Abnorm...Continue Reading
  • Mole Prevention
    Not all moles are cancerous, and most melanomas form independently of moles. However, it is important to recognize possibly dangerous skin growths and...Continue Reading
  • Causes of Moles
    Moles may appear on any area of the body. They usually appear as small, dark spots on the skin and are actually clustered pigmented cells. While moles...Continue Reading