Melasma Articles

  • Living with Melasma
    There are many people who live with melasma. It usually affects women between their 20's and 50's. It is very rare for men to develop melasma. I...Continue Reading
  • Melasma and Pregnancy
    Melasma is also called the mask of pregnancy and Choasma faciei and is a condition that is more frequently found in pregnant women and women under or...Continue Reading
  • Melasma in Women
    Melasma, or the mask of pregnancy, is a skin problem that is caused by an excess of pigmentation and is determined by female sexual hormones. Melasma...Continue Reading
  • What is Melasma?
    Most patients who are suffering from melasma are pregnant women. In fact, the condition is so common during pregnancy that it has been dubbed the 'mas...Continue Reading
  • Treatments for Melasma
    The 'mask of pregnancy' is another name for melasma, a condition characterized by dark pigmentation in the skin. It is usually brown or tan in color a...Continue Reading
  • Symptoms of Melasma
    Melasma is a condition that appears most commonly during pregnancy or when taking birth control pills. It is sometimes referred to as the 'mask of pre...Continue Reading
  • Melasma Prevention
    Melasma is sometimes called chloasma or the 'mask of pregnancy' because the condition is commonly present during pregnancy. Brown pigmented areas on t...Continue Reading
  • Causes of Melasma
    Melasma appears as a dark tan or brown pigmented area on the face. Patients who notice these symptoms are encouraged to speak with a skincare professi...Continue Reading