Lice Articles

  • How Lice Is Spread
    Head lice are parasites that live on human hair and feed on blood from the scalp. They are transmitted from person to person through contact with hai...Continue Reading
  • What are Lice?
    Lice are actually tiny six-legged insects that are found in the hair usually on the scalp, pubic region or in the seams of clothing. They may also be ...Continue Reading
  • Treatments for Lice
    The three types of lice include head lice, body lice and pubic lice (crabs). Head lice usually appear on the scalp, on the back of the neck or behind ...Continue Reading
  • Symptoms of Lice
    Lice are tiny insects with six legs that are found on the scalp, pubic region, clothing and other areas. They may be a nuisance for those who have lic...Continue Reading
  • Cost of Lice Treatment
    Lice are often a nuisance, causing itching and uncomfortable situations for many patients. Some individuals may even be embarrassed by the condition. ...Continue Reading
  • Lice Prevention
    Lice may be very bothersome for those with lice on their scalp, facial hair, pubic region or on other areas of their body. They may cause itching and ...Continue Reading
  • Causes of Lice
    Lice may be found on the scalp, pubic area, armpits, facial hair, eyebrows, etc. Lice may cause itching and can be very irritating. They are commonly ...Continue Reading