Skin Tyte Maintenance

Skin Tyte is a procedure recommended if you have lax skin and could use a skin rejuvenation treatment. After the Skin Tyte procedure, you should follow the indications of the dermatologist, so that the effects of Skin Tyte will be visible for longer.

Skin Tyte and Sun Exposure

Exposure to sun is the main factor causing the premature aging of the skin, making it less elastic. If you would like to preserve the effects of Skin Tyte, you should avoid sun exposure. In addition to a high SPF sun cream, you may also consider sun glasses, hats and protective clothing.

Skin Tyte and Skin Products

The skin products you employ may also have an impact on your skin and may help preserve the effects of Skin Tyte or may destroy them. Opt for products that are suitable for your skin type and that also contain collagen or collagen stimulants, which will keep your skin tight for longer.

Avoid products that make your skin itchy or dry, and always make sure to visit your dermatologist if you notice an allergic reaction to a product. Quality makeup is a must, especially if you wear makeup for most of your day.

Lifestyle after Skin Tyte

After the Skin Tyte procedure, you should also consider leading a healthy lifestyle. Cigarette smoke can have damaging effects on the skin, so avoid smoking or second hand smoke.

Opt for a balanced diet and an exercise plan, which will keep you healthy and will also influence the quality of your skin.

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