Recovery after Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is a procedure to remove your unwanted tattoos. The treatments only take few minutes but depending on the size, deepness, location and age of the tattoo, you may need anywhere from one to ten treatments to remove the entire tattoo. The treatments are given four to eight weeks apart.

Immediate Recovery

Your recovery begins immediately after the treatment is over. Your doctor will apply ice to the skin. This is to reduce swelling and inflammation. Additionally, you might be asked to elevate the treated area if this is possible. After about 30 minutes of ice treatment, anti-bacterial ointment will be applied to the treated area. This is to reduce the possibility of infection. The removal is as painful as getting the tattoo and, thus, your doctor might give you pain reliever before or after the treatment.

Recovery at Home

You will most likely see some blistering on the treated area. This will disappear in few days. You could also see some crusting and a scab that will resolve in few weeks. Other common symptoms are feelings of sunburn and some pain. Your doctor might recommend you take pain reliever, like acetaminophen, for the pain. Another way to deal with the pain and swelling is to apply ice to the area. Do this two to three times a day, 15 minutes at a time, or as recommended. It is important for recovery that you keep the area clean and apply antibiotic ointment on daily basis. Full recovery will take time and the area might seem sunburned for few months. You should avoid sun exposure during the recovery.

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