Post-Laser Tattoo Removal Maintenance

If you are thinking of getting rid of a tattoo, laser tattoo removal is the most common and effective option these days. The treatment is based on the ability of the ink pigments of the tattoo to absorb the laser light. This causes the pigments to be broken down into smaller particles. These are eventually removed by your body's scavenger cells, which are part of your immune system. The treatment only takes few minutes, but depending on the size, location and deepness of the ink, you might require anywhere from one to ten treatment sessions.ᅠ

After the Treatment

Immediately after the treatment, your doctor will apply ice to the treated area to reduce swelling. Your doctor might also advise you to keep the area elevated to reduce swelling. After about 30 minutes, the treated area is covered with antibacterial ointment to prevent infection. Finally, the treated area is covered with a sterile bandage. The removal is painful and therefore your doctor might recommend you take acetaminophen or another pain reliever, before or after the treatment.

Long Term Care

You should keep the treated skin area dry and clean for few days. As general advice, care for it as a sunburn or a wound. Change the bandages every day and apply more antibacterial ointment on the area. Avoid exposure to the sun following the treatment. You might be feeling sensations differing from a light sunburn to more significant pain and in most cases you will see some blistering for few days. Take acetaminophen or another pain reliever recommended by your doctor for the pain. You can also apply ice to reduce swelling and pain. The area might remain red for a few weeks.

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