Most Common Uses of Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic Therapy is a kind of modern treatment for various health and cosmetic conditions. It uses light, oxygen and the principle of photosensitivity to treat patients. Knowing more about this kind of modern procedure will help individuals make the right choices about their medical care.


The most traditional use of photodynamic therapy is in cancer treatment. Experts have long considered photodynamic therapy to be potentially effective in eliminating cancers in an early stage or treating them in later stages. For example, Photodynamic Therapy can be effective in reducing the sizes of some types of tumors.

Skin Conditions

As doctors used Photodynamic Therapy to treat patients with different types of cancers, this kind of procedure generally came to be thought of as a potential solution for other skin conditions. One of the main uses of Photodynamic Therapy in cancer treatment is for the treatment of basal cell skin cancers. The Photodynamic Therapy procedure involves using a photosensitizer, a drug that changes the body’s response to light and shining light under the skin through fiberoptic catheters. Medical professionals understood that this could bring about changes in the outcomes of skin cancer situations.

In more modern uses of Photodynamic Therapy, scientists are looking at how this treatment can be used to deal with the effects of scarring, to remove some types of blemishes or to otherwise treat the skin. In cosmetic dermatology, doctors are evaluating the application of this type of treatment to severe acne and acne scarring. They are also looking at how this treatment could affect rosacea, as well as sun damage that is not considered cancerous. All of these conditions pose their own challenges, and now Photodynamic Therapy is being considered as a treatment, along with other similar alternatives. In modern laser therapies, for instance, heat energy is being directed below the skin in order to provide some of the same stimuli for alterations of the skin and dermal tissues.

Areas of the Body Treated

Photodynamic therapy is used in various parts of the body as an anti-cancer treatment. Similar procedures are used on the face, hands, chest and neck for different cosmetic dermatology goals.

Before getting involved in a potential solution like Photodynamic Therapy, ask your doctor about how it applies to your specific condition. Patients with specific light sensitivity or certain allergies may not be good candidates for Photodynamic Therapy. Some common side effects and complications also apply. Talk to your doctor about what’s best for your own health goals according to your current medical conditions, any medications that you’re taking, and any family history of certain diseases. Good consultation before treatment will help you make the best choices and avoid the highest risk in any kind of treatment.

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