Laser Tattoo Removal and Fair Skin Tones

Laser tattoo removal and fair skin tones are considered a good match, especially if the tattoo ink is dark in color and not deeply embedded. Optimal conditions exist in this situation for laser technology to target the tattooed area and break down the ink successfully.

Laser Technology and Fair Skin, Dark Ink

Laser light pulses are attracted to dark inks (blacks, browns, deep purples). The contrast of these darker inks on fair-skinned individuals provides the ideal canvas for laser technology to seek, find and break up the color molecules.

Pigmentation Issues, Residual Ink and Scarring

The combination of laser tattoo removal and fair skin tones can result in pigmentation issues, such as the loss of natural skin color, or the addition of dark spots on the skin. Some inks may not be entirely eliminated, leaving permanent residual ink on the skin. In rare cases, the burn of the laser will cause scarring.

Lighter Tattoo Ink Colors and Lasers on Fair Skin

Paradoxical darkening of flesh-colored and/or pink tattoo inks occurs when these light colors become more pronounced after laser tattoo removal. This phenomenon is rare; however, lasers do not typically work well on lighter tattoo inks and fair skin due, to the absence of contrast.

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