Candidacy for Laser Tattoo Removal

Candidacy for laser tattoo removal is open to everyone who has a tattoo they no longer desire. Expectations of the finished look should be kept realistic; factors such as skin tone, darkness and depth of ink, and general overall health should be taken into consideration before a realistic view of laser tattoo removal can be established.

Skin and Personal Health History

Good candidates for laser tattoo removal include people without hyperpigmentation issues (accumulation of brown spots or uneven skin tones), hypopigmentation issues (the loss of skin color), or keloid scarring (an overgrowth of tissue after the healing of a previous skin wound). Generally, laser tattoo removal will not be performed when the skin in the area of the tattoo does not look healthy.

Good Candidates for Laser Tattoo Removal

The best skin types are those of fair to medium/light complexions, with darker ink closer to the surface of the skin, since the laser emissions are attracted to the contrast of dark ink on light skin. This is not to say that darker complexions are prohibited from laser tattoo removal. This is only to speak of optimal conditions with the use of laser technology.

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