The first step in preventing fungal infections of the skin is to understand what causes the infections. There are several types of fungal infections from athlete's foot to ringworm. Each may have a different cause, which is important in understanding how to best prevent the skin condition.

Warm, Moist Areas

Fungi thrive in warm, moist areas like the shoes and socks, or in locker rooms or communal showers. When in these areas, make sure you wear shower shoes or shoes that let the feet breathe. Also wash your feet every day and thoroughly dry them when you're done.

Avoid Contact with Fungal Infections

Fungal infections may be spread by direct contact with another person who has a fungal infection. They may also be spread by touching objects or furniture that have flakes of the infection. If you notice that another person has a fungal infection, avoid physical contact with that person. Also, do not share shoes and socks with others. The damp, warm environment of the shoes creates ideal conditions for fungi.


Fungal infections are most common in the warm summer months. They are also more common in wet climates. When the weather is hot and humid, take extra precautions when in situations that may leave you more susceptible to fungal infections. Some fungal infections, like athlete's foot, are contagious, while others, like yeast infections, are not. Jock itch is thought to be mildly contagious. Speak with a skincare professional for more information about preventing the spread of fungal infections.